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REMINDER: SwarmFest 2002 looms!

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: REMINDER: SwarmFest 2002 looms!
Date: 08 Mar 2002 12:03:40 -0800
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SwarmFest 2002 is almost upon us!  Don't miss out on your opportunity
to register.  Just motor your browser to:


and register online!  The main conference website is at:


Presentation slots are still available

We also have a couple of spots in the schedule for presentations, but
you'll have to act quickly!!  Please send your proposal to
address@hidden as soon as you can, and we'll see about
getting you into the program.

Preliminary program

A preliminary program will be available soon, but to whet your
appetite, here's just a partial list of what's on offer:

Our keynote presentation:

"Agent based economic models on the Santa Fe Trail"

will be given by Michael W. Brown.

Michael Brown is a Member of the Particle Economics Research Institute
and Governor of National Association of Securities Dealers; former
Chairman of Nasdaq Stock Market Board of Directors and former CFO of
Microsoft Corporation.

Presentations this year range from the modelling to technical and
cover everything from supply chains to ecology:

Paul Box (Utah State), "A Computational Environment for Evaluating the
Interaction of Grazing Animals and Landscapes"

Michael North (Argonne National Labs), "Complex supply chain operation"

Riccardo Boero (University of Surrey, UK), "gpSwarm: Java Genetic
Programming using the Swarm libraries"

Pietro Terna (U. of Torino, Italy), "Improved Java Virtual Enterprise
(jVE) in Swarm"

Matteo Morini (U. of Torino, Italy), "SMS: A Spinning Mill Simulator"

Steve Railsback (Lang, Railsback & Assoc), "More Fishy Business: Using
Swarm Models to Test Theories of Fish Ecology"

Paolo Patelli (Santa Fe Institute), "Modularity and Robustness in

Gianluigi Ferraris, "Classifier Systems in Swarm: a general purpose

James Anderson (University of Washington), "A decision algorithm with
memory and learning"

Alessandro Perrone (U. of Venice, Italy), "VSB 2.0: Visual Swarm

We will also have an interactive presentation and discussion section
led by Paul Johnson (U. of Kansas), and Steve Railsback (Lang,
Railsback & Assoc), with the title:

"Can Agent-based Modeling Contribute to Scientific Theory?"

which is sure to generate some lively discussion!

See you in Seattle!

  Alex Lancaster           |  
  Swarm Development Group  |     web: http://www.swarm.org

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