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Re: [Swarm Announce] Membership in Swarm Development Group

From: Steven H. Rogers
Subject: Re: [Swarm Announce] Membership in Swarm Development Group
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 07:16:55 -0700
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My two cents.
o Updating libraries needed to run Swarm on 64-bit MacOX and Linux hardware;
o A reimplementation of Swarm in the C# language for use with Microsoft's .NET environment and Visual Studio IDE, and the public domain MONO environment;
o A reimplementation of Objective-C Swarm in the Cocoa and GNUStep environments; and
o Porting Swarm for use on the new Cell processor, which has a dual core and 8 subprocessors.

NB. The Cell's general purpose core supports two hardware threads, not quite the same thing as dual core, maybe one and a half. Of the eight vector processors, one may be reserved for OS use and one may be be non-functional because this ambitious chip yet isn't yielding well enough to guarantee that all are functional. Nevertheless, it promises to be very cost effective for vectorizable code.

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