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[Swarm Announce] SwarmFest 2007 Call for Papers

From: announce
Subject: [Swarm Announce] SwarmFest 2007 Call for Papers
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 13:54:46 -0700
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**Call for Papers**

SwarmFest 2007
Conference of Agent-based Modelers and
Agent-based Modeling Platform Users

Hosted by:
DePaul University School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Information Systems, Chicago, Illinois USA
July 12 - 14, 2007

A PDF of this CFP is at: http://condor.depaul.edu/~slytinen/SwarmFest2007/SwarmCallforPapers/SwarmFest2007CallForPapers.pdf

The School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Information Systems at DePaul University and the Swarm Development Group (SDG) are pleased to announce the 11th Annual SwarmFest to be held on at DePaul's campus in the heart of downtown Chicago, July 12-14, 2007.

The purpose of SwarmFest is to bring scientists, modelers, and programmers working in a wide variety of domains together to share their research, knowledge, and experience with agent-based and individual-based modeling. The focus is on both the science and tools of agent-based modeling. We encourage participation by users of software toolkits such as Swarm, RePast, NetLogo, StarLogo, MASON, Ascape, AgentSheets, Cormas, EcoLab, and MOBIDYC.

SwarmFest is an interdisciplinary, informal conference that provides the opportunity to present and discuss innovative modeling work and tools and techniques for ABM. We especially encourage presentation of work that may be too new, esoteric, or methods-oriented for other scientific forums. SwarmFest is valuable both for inexperienced and experienced researchers and software toolkit users, and provides a unique opportunity to meet people working on similar problems but in different domains. Swarm Development Group also uses SwarmFest to gather feedback from the modeling community on development and support priorities. Presentations at SwarmFest can address basic research, applied modeling, software, or other topics related to agent- and individual-based modeling.

Schedule and Amenities:
SwarmFest will open with a rooftop reception at the DePaul Center, a historic downtown building that housed Goldblatt's flagship department store for more than 30 years, on the evening of Thursday, July 12. Conference sessions will be all day July 13-14, ending with the traditional awards ceremony at approximately 4 pm on the 14th. We will have a banquet with keynote speaker on the 13th.

Attendees are encouraged to stay and enjoy the amenities of downtown Chicago, one of America's most attractive and lively urban areas. Among the many attractions within walking distance are: the lakefront with its parks, beaches, museums, Navy Pier, etc; the Art Institute, one of the best art museums in the country; outdoor art and free concerts at the new Millenium Park; the famous Michigan Avenue shopping district; and the near north side's dining and nightlife.

Keynote and invited speakers:
We will invite several especially interesting scientists to give extended presentations. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Tim Kohler, speaking on "The Making of a Catastrophe: How Agent-Based Modeling is Helping Archaeologists Unravel the Last Century of Farming Occupation in the Northern US Southwest". Dr. Kohler is a Regents Professor in Anthropology at Washington State University and an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute. A Swarm user since the mid-1990s, he also directs an NSF-funded IGERT at WSU and the University of Washington entitled "IGERT Program in Evolutionary Modeling." As a modeler, he worships at the twin altars of CVOTW and KISS.

Types of Presentations Requested:
1) Oral presentations: Talks are typically 20 minutes including questions.
2) Posters: Posters will be displayed in a special poster session and during breaks. 3) Panel discussions: In the past, panel discussions have addressed topics such as publishing agent-based research and teaching agent-based modeling. We welcome proposals to organize, or even suggest, panel discussions.

Submission Formats:
To present at SwarmFest, please submit the following information: your name and affiliation; your email and mailing address; which type of presentation you prefer (oral, poster, panel); a title; and a brief (~<300 words) abstract of your presentation. Your submission can be in plain text or PDF format, and should be emailed to: address@hidden

Tutorial Classes:
We expect to offer training classes in the Repast and (tentatively) NetLogo platforms on July 12. For up to date information, see the SwarmFest web site.

Housing and Transportation:
Low-cost accommodation will be available at University Center, a student housing and conference facility adjacent to DePaul. You must register for this accommodation via the SwarmFest web site; please do so as early as possible. Discounted rates at downtown hotels, including the historic Palmer House, are also available. The conference and housing is a short walk from the Chicago Transit Authority trains which provide direct service from both O'Hare and Midway airports. See the SwarmFest web site for information on housing and transportation.

Registration fees are $125 for students (through graduate school), and $250 for non-students. Members of Swarm Development Group (see: http://www.swarm.org/wiki/SDG_membership ) receive a $25 discount.

Submissions are requested by June 1, 2007. Notice of acceptance will be send by June 7. Early review and acceptance decisions will be made on request. Late submissions may be accepted if space in the schedule is available.

Conference registration should be made by June 16, 2007 (a late registration fee of $25 will be required after that date).
Reservations for University Center housing must be made by June 16.

E-mail submissions and questions to: address@hidden

Additional information:
The conference web site is http://condor.depaul.edu/~slytinen/SwarmFest2007 or follow the link from the Swarm wiki http://www.swarm.org

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