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[Swarm Announce] MinGW: New way to use Swarm in Windows

From: Swarm Announce
Subject: [Swarm Announce] MinGW: New way to use Swarm in Windows
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:33:43 -0700
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Swarm Development Group announces a new version of Objective-C Swarm for Windows, that uses the MingGW ( http://www.mingw.org ) Objective-C compiler instead of the Cygwin Unix-emulation package. This new way to use Swarm has important advantages over the Cygwin package we've been using for over a decade:

o The MinGW compiler produces a Windows native executable that you can launch from Windows instead of having to launch from inside Cygwin.

o You can distribute working models as a zip file (etc.) that contains everything needed to run the code, including the Swarm libraries. Users can just unzip the directories and run your model.

o Installation is just a matter of installing standard MinGW, then copying the Swarm MinGW binaries onto your computer. Unlike Cygwin, there seem to be no consistent problems with any version of Windows.

o Models run faster (up to 25% in tests so far) in MinGW vs. Cygwin executables.

All the information you need is on the Swarm wiki: start at http://www.swarm.org

Thanks to Marcus Daniels for having the original idea and making the initial effort, and to Charlie Sharpsteen for overcoming the final obstacles.

Steve Railsback

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