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Re: [swarm-hackers] GCC 4.x and builtin_apply

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: Re: [swarm-hackers] GCC 4.x and builtin_apply
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 23:04:56 -0700

>>>>> "MGD" == Marcus G Daniels  writes:

MGD> Scott Christley wrote:
>> One possibility is to always rely upon gnustep-base, the non-GUI
>> portion, for Linux and Windows.
MGD> Sounds good, provided it can be adapted for Java support and
MGD> works for 64 bit.


Do you know what GNUStep's status in Fedora is as yet?  I wouldn't be
comfortable only supporting GNUStep until it available at the very
least in rawhide (soon to be F-10).


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