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Re: [swarm-hackers] Swarm on MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard

From: Bill Northcott
Subject: Re: [swarm-hackers] Swarm on MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 11:15:26 +1000

As I see it the 2.3 branch contains none of your MacOS/Run time abstraction work. So you are suggesting I try to bug fix it enough to get an old style X11-blt, swarm-libobjc version to build in at least ppc and i386 architectures?

I will have a look but it will need a FSF compiler because all the current ones have -fgnuruntime broken.

I would like to try to get an Apple runtime build working.

On 19/09/2009, at 4:47 AM, Scott Christley wrote:

Those are tags I've been using to delineate code that needed to be rewritten for the objc runtime abstraction layer. In some cases, it is just a simple change from one function call to another, but in other cases I had to rewrite the code to use the API versus working directly with the underlying data structures. I would surround those regions with the TODO tag, then once I rewrote the code I would switch it to the DONE tag. That way I could change one section at a time then compile/test/etc.

Note, if you are wanting to use the stable Swarm, i.e. the last public release, you should use the Swarm-2_3 branch. And actually if you wanted to try out your Mac build using GNU and tcl/tk with Snow Leopard, you should commit any patches to that branch.


On Sep 18, 2009, at 12:26 AM, Bill Northcott wrote:

Got it down to 86 errors!

What is the meaning of these:




On 18/09/2009, at 11:17 AM, Marcus G. Daniels wrote:

Bill Northcott wrote:
In particular src/misc contains replacements for a number of string.h functions including stpcpy.c. It seems that on Snow Leopard stpcpy() is a macro. So the preprocessor mangles stpcpy.c into:
The intent was just to provide functions that didn't otherwise exist on the system.
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