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[Swarmfest2009] Abstract submission for SwarmFest Santa Fe

From: Kenneth Lloyd
Subject: [Swarmfest2009] Abstract submission for SwarmFest Santa Fe
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 13:30:24 -0600

Swarmfest 2009: June 28-30, 2009 in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Proposed is a paper and a demonstration.
The paper and demonstration details a system and method of agent based simulation in contexts to be simulated on a hybrid, heterogeneous compute cluster.  Specifically, we shall demonstrate an extension of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) into temporal and environmental contexts. The resulting models form input, bias and outputs to a topology and weight evolving artificial neural network (TWEANN).  The network is evolved on the cluster using a massively parallel implementation of NVidia's Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA).
The simulation shall be performed on GenCluster, a hybrid, heterogeneous Rocks/CUDA cluster located in Albuquerque, NM.
We shall show how these ABM mod/sim/vis techniques may be applied to general problem spaces, but we shall also provide insight into a specific implementation of an intelligent distributor (ID) that is used to partition tasks and data for MPP used within the compute cluster to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the compute fabric.
This novel computational fabric is termed Networked Instruction, Multiple Data (NIMD).
Kenneth A. Lloyd - Watt Systems Technologies Inc.
Greg Scantlen - Creative Consultants, LLC.
Gary Scnntlen - Creative Consultants, LLC
Kenneth A. Lloyd
CEO - Director of Systems Science
Watt Systems Technologies Inc.
Albuquerque, NM USA
kenneth.lloyd[at]incose.org     Research Director - MBSE of Complex, Adaptive and Stochastic Systems
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