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[Taler] repurchase detection

From: Florian Dold
Subject: [Taler] repurchase detection
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 14:00:46 +0100
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we introduced the concept of repurchase detection to avoid the following

1. Alice buys the essay from the store
2. She reads it
3. She deletes her cookies and/or local storage for some reason, but
keeps the wallet state
4. She now wants to read the article again.  When she goes to the essay
store front page to click on it (or a friend sends her a deep link),
she's asked to pay for the article again, even though she already did.

Our solution was to add a repurchase_correlation_id to contracts
(selected by the merchant, could e.g. be the article name itself), so
that the wallet detects (on taler-confirm-contract) that the user has
already bought a contract that's equivalent modulo transaction id and
fulfillment URL (which usually contains the transaction id).

However it's not clear what the full key for detecting equal contracts
(modulo tid / fulfillment_url) should be.

If it's just the correlation ID, what if it clashes for two merchants?

Should we use the hostname of the fulfillment URL?  The hostname of the
site that offered the contract (with taler-confirm-contract) in the
first place?  What if the merchant's hostname changes?

Should we let the user know that it's a re-purchase?  Should they have
the ability to say "no, I really want to pay for it again"?

Any thoughts?

- Florian

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