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[Taler] OpenBazaar

From: Jeff Burdges
Subject: [Taler] OpenBazaar
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 02:57:17 +0200

Anyone here noticed OpenBazaar?  https://openbazaar.org/

It's a peer-to-peer marketplace that uses bitcoin because it "has low
fees".  It's maybe an interesting for several reasons, but at minimum a
useful place for evangelism. 

There is a longer FAQ buried several clicks their front page :
It includes an actual explanation :

It's less hard to find their source code, but for completeness : 
Important stuff I checked appears to be MIT licensed.

Their GUI client is a local Node.js app built using electron, which
apparently runs Node.js in a Chromium fork.  There is a server written
in Python too.  And users must run both client and server. 

Amongst the github organizations members, there is one European in
Greece so maybe they'd be interested in SEPA.  There are also three
Americans (East Coast : 1 NH & 2 VA), one Australian, and someone from
Costa Rica.


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