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Re: [Taler] Hello

From: Joerg Baach
Subject: Re: [Taler] Hello
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2017 13:09:43 +0100
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> and terribly inefficient.  If you give me say 2x 1 EUR, 1x 2 EUR and 1x
> 4 EUR, then I go spend 1 EUR, spend again 1 EUR somewhere else, and then
> when I try to spend 1 EUR for the third time, I'm left with one 2 EUR
> and one 4 EUR coin and cannot complete the transaction.

Indeed. This is what happens in opencoin. You can rely only one doing at
least one payment before getting new change. I think you fully
understood it.

> background automatically), but in that case the system will see it as me
> receiving _income_ (money transfer to me!) and I certainly wouldn't want
> to pay income tax on that.  Alternatively, you could give back the 4 EUR

This is out of the scope of our system. However, is a refresh really
income? Because in the end 4 EUR are going to the bank, but also 4 EUR
are leaving the bank. So, turnover is increased, but not the balance.

> What part am I not understanding here? Do you have some real
> documentation on how Opencoin does this? Pointing to the source is
> hardly adequate IMO.

I completely agree on pointers to the source as being inadequate. We
don't have formal spec for this bit though. But you have the idea, and I
will add a description of the refresh mechanism to the documentation.



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