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Re: [Taler] how to kickstart a minimal viable Taler system setup?

From: Marcello Stanisci
Subject: Re: [Taler] how to kickstart a minimal viable Taler system setup?
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 14:00:18 +0100
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> first things first:
> big thanks a lot to the person...
> ...who fixed the https://api.taler.net so that I can now actually read
> it instead of getting 404's.
>  =)

Consider that now there is also DOCS.taler.net,
with additional information.

> just started cloning the repos & reading the API documentation...
> i would like to setup a minimal viable taler system (mvts) to check out
> and demonstrate its principles on a Linux (Mint 18) machine. i.e. i want
> to operate a bank, a merchant and a customer.
The repos you need then are: (1) git://taler.net/bank,
(2) git://taler.net/merchant, and (3) git://taler.net/merchant-frontends.

There is no 'customer' repo, as this is normally the wallet.
Thereby you can just install a wallet by following the instructions
available at https://demo.taler.net.

In the case you want to hack in the wallet, then you find it at

For each repo, consider also to compile and install the *stable*
branch, rather than the mater;  the master branch may suffer from
some instability.

As for the installation, I suggest reading the READMEs for bank's
and merchant-frontend's repos, and the manual.pdf for the
merchant's repo.

You obtain manual.pdf with the following steps:

 $ git clone git://taler.net/merchant
 $ cd merchant
 $ ./bootstrap
 $ ./configure
 $ cd doc/
 $ make

After you get the manual compiled, you can of course
reconfigure and compile the merchant according to your

> i know how to operate an apache via WSGI to run e.g. python web
> applications based on Flask usng an sqlite and i know e.g. how to write
> python scripts to get things done. from time to time i also do the

READMEs in bank's and merchant-frontend's repo should clarify
how to "attach" these python Web-sites to your Apache.

Basically, Apache should proxy requests to the bank/merchant-frontends
either wia HTTP or via unix domain sockets.

> ./configure.sh & make install thingy, but i am not very proficient in
> doing C-coding on linux.
You don't need that to operate Taler's components.

> can anyone give me a clue / headstart where to begin with?
1. Download repos and get them compiled
2. Manually launch every component before trying to involve
   Apache in the process, so you have an immediate feedback
   of what's going on.
3. Every READMEs/manual.pdf addresses the configuration step,
   so you can tweak the components to your needs.
4. Involve Apache to make it serve merchant frontends and bank.

> 1. is there already a small script to setup such a system?
We use to have a git://taler.net/deployment repo, with
setup scripts, but it mainly targets the machine we use
for demonstrations.

> 2. which system requirements exist or are absolutely mandatory to not
> get in trouble later on?
You don't need any sophisticated system.

> 3. should i create a complete fresh linux just for the purpose of trying
> this out because things at the core (e.g. networking) need to be tweaked
> or can i just go ahead and install this on my machine in a simple folder?
Again, you don't need special settings.

> as soon as i managed to setup the minimum viable system on my machine i
> would like to document the process and hold a small presentation in my
> hackerspace how this stuff works and what it does.
> greetings from bremen/germany,
> trailblazr

Do not hesitate to ask more, if you need help.


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