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[Taler] Regulations for Taler

From: Dieter Vekeman
Subject: [Taler] Regulations for Taler
Date: Mon, 8 May 2017 16:49:22 +0200


I'm trying to work out some practical use cases for Taler. This is a bit hard sometimes in terms of regulation.

One requirement which I think should have to be satisfied is something similar to Card Stop in case of loss, theft or misuse.
Not only preventing from spending the remaining coins but also refresh / refund the remaining value.

To me it seems that this is currently not possible (maybe somewhat possible in case the user has a backup of the wallet).

From the videos / documentation I learned that loosing a Taler wallet is like loosing a physical wallet. But I don't think a regulator would accept that answer.

What would be some possible solutions or workarounds such that a user could recover from theft or loss?


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