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Re: [Taler] Demo not working correctly…

From: Marcello Stanisci
Subject: Re: [Taler] Demo not working correctly…
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 17:41:45 +0100
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Hello L.,

Thanks for your feedback!

On 01/09/2018 04:58 PM, Kertase wrote:
> Hi,
> Since I was not able to retrieve money to my Wallet in Firefox I
> noticed I could make wire transfers.
> I started playing with them around and 3 things are very abnormal:
> • I could make a huge dept
There is no threshold check when moving money; the bank is still a "toy"
so hard checks on "money" has not been a priority so far.  However, how
much debit
is allowed per user is configurable.
> • Reloading the page would redo the last transaction which could be
> dangerous
This is fixed in latest code; the site running on 'demo.taler.net' runs
on stable-ish code.
> • Accounts with huge dept or huge fortune on them seem to be
> inaccessible due to some rectrictions. Including the public page of
> the fsf, the Exchange and the Bank.
What does 'inaccessible' mean?  Could you please elaborate a bit more?
> Sorry for causing the trouble,
You have to :-)
> L.
> P.S.
> What is up with that http://gnutaler.org/ website? talking about ‚GNU
> Taler Token‘ to buy? looks like a scam to me or am I wrong?
Yes, it is.

- Marcello

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