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[Taler] More questions

From: David Kleuker
Subject: [Taler] More questions
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 01:38:27 +0100 (CET)

Thanks for your detailed answers so far!

I'm really enthusiastic about this project.
It looks very promising to finally solve the problem of microtransactions.
And be fast, secure and have low fees. Like Bitcoin once was.
The demo works already pretty smooth except the errors i reported.

When you need funding, you should communicate that.
Consistent funding is actually one of the biggest problems in the FOSS community and i try to find a solution. Your software might be a technical solution for money transactions. The communication is another problem.
I would suggest to create a donation page where you explain why you need money and how much. Than provide payment options, ideally SEPA, PayPal, Bitcoin and maybe Credit Card. You should ask for recurring donations. Keep the people updated about your progress and thank the donators!
That's all i have for now.

After reading the website, mailinglist and watching all the talks, i still have some questions.

What is the status of the project? (short answer)
How can i best follow the progress?
When will i be able to use it? (website says 2019, german translation 2018, when 1.0 will be the launch version and the one following 0.9, it's probably 2020)
Can i send money to another wallet (e.g. to a friend)? Maybe without fees on the same exchange. Would it work with different exchanges? (i found old answer on ML, whats current status?)
Can a Wallet only use one Exchange or multiple? For one Currency?
What happens if an Exchange disappears or get hacked? (you probably loose your money)
With how many organizations are you in contact to create exchanges?
How many organizations are planning to provide an exchange at launch?

I sent an e-mail to the GLS bank in germany and asked if they would consider creating an exchange.

Consider adding the answers to the FAQ.

kind regards

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