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[Taler] new user; demo feedback; general questions

From: ricketson
Subject: [Taler] new user; demo feedback; general questions
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 16:49:28 -0400
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Hello Taler community,

I recently learned about Taler and am very excited about it. I'm a big believer that we need a better online payment system than the credit cards and all those online apps -- Taler is one of the few systems that seems viable.

I tried the demo, and just wanted to provide my feedback in case it is any value in the development and promotion of Taler.

I learned of Taler via a Stallman interview profiled on Slashdot.

I tried the demo (https://demo.taler.net/en/) and had a couple of small issues. I installed my wallet in Firefox, and could only get it to work if I selected the option to open the wallet automatically. Since I did not initially select this option, I had to reinstall the wallet to get it to work. The bank and essay shop worked well, but the tipping section gave me an error (code 503). "Backend response: {'code': 2710, 'exchange_http_status': 404, 'hint': 'tipping reserve unknown at exchange', 'exchange_code': 1151, 'exchange_reply': {'hint': 'Reserve not found', 'parameter': 'reserve_pub', 'code': 1151}}"

I also have some questions -- they aren't pressing for me, but could be helpful as FAQs:

1. Can Taler be used directly from a bank account (without first withdrawing coins into a wallet)? In the US, banks have not established a viable electronic payment service for customers (though maybe Zelle will fill that role)  -- is this a role that Taler might fill, or is it specifically when you want to separate the transaction from the bank account.

2. Can one Taler wallet work with several exchanges/currencies simultaneously?

3. Does the Taler exchange have to be trusted by both parties in a transaction?

4. The 'survey' demo confused me -- it seemed like website was going to give me some Kudos, but my impression is that Kudos could only be received by special vendor wallets (not by regular customer wallets).

5. How can I help (as a potential user)? What are the bottlenecks for deploying Taler? Do you envision any small-scale deployments that might help people get more comfortable with it?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.



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