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[Taler] E-Euro

From: David Kleuker
Subject: [Taler] E-Euro
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 20:57:25 +0200 (CEST)


the european central bank (EZB) will decide "mid year" (so in about 1 month) if they will create the E-Euro.

The president already said in january that the E-Euro will come. (they can't decide that alone)

https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/ezb-digitaler-euro-101.html (german)

Have you take part in the discussion? Are you in contact with EZB and european banks? Have you attended a banking congress or some industry event to reach all european banks?

Privacy is the most important concern of the european people (a survey showed) and banks don't want a central solution at the EZB, so your project would be perfect here, but probably no one knows it exist.

When the E-Euro is decided, i guess you can close the project. That would be very sad!

kind regards

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