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[Taler] Enrolling GNU Taler for private clubs

From: Max Görner
Subject: [Taler] Enrolling GNU Taler for private clubs
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2021 15:29:37 +0100

Dear Taler community,

I am part of a group of beer drinking enthusiasts. We have our own registered
association that runs a bar.

Members of the association can deposit money so buying drinks is more
convenient. The deposit is maintained in an internal spreadsheet. Nowadays
there are even peer-to-peer transactions between members of the association.
We jokingly coined this setup "our Coins".

Manually grooming a spreadsheet is error prone and annoying. Some of us would
like to replace that with a modern solution.

Recently I learned about GNU Taler. I wonder how much effort it would be to
enroll GNU Taler in such a setting. As far as I have seen one needs a bank for
that and there even is a fake bank for the GNU Taler demo.

Is it bearable to setup and run such a Taler bank on our own?
Would it be possible to enable peer-to-peer transactions?
Lastly: If GNU Taler is not a good fit here, do you know of alternative
solutions for our context?

You can expect some skills regarding Linux administration and computer
science. Having to setup a cron job inside a Docker would not be a show
stopper here.

Best regards

Max Görner

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