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Re: [Taler] what's a general security parameter

From: Calvin Burns
Subject: Re: [Taler] what's a general security parameter
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 13:20:43 +0000

On Thu, 08/11/2022 02:26:32 PM, Christian Grothoff wrote:
> It is a parameter you can (more or less) freely raise to increase the
> security of the system while decreasing performance.  Ideally, the increase
> in security is exponential in the security parameter, while the
> corresponding performance degradation is polynomial or linear.
> Examples: RSA 1024 vs. RSA 2048 vs. RSA 4096. Here, the security parameter
> is the number of bits, so 1024, 2048 or 4096.  Same for SHA-256 or SHA-512.
> On 8/11/22 13:46, Calvin Burns via Taler wrote:
> > In Zero-Knowledge Age Restriction for GNU Taler [1] λ is a "general security
> > parameter". What is a general security parameter?  Could someone please
> > point at text books/literature explaining it?  Thanks.
> > 
> > [1] https://taler.net/en/news/2022-09.html

That was helpful. Thanks Martin, Christian!

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