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[tern] Hello, goood news

From: Helmut Block
Subject: [tern] Hello, goood news
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 17:54:37 -0500

H rennet ow to save on your MEDlCATlONS over 60%.
Pha lotion rmaMail Shop - Successfull and Proven W imperialistic ay to save your mon voltmeter ey.
alliteration \ gluttony AG woodgrouse L blocked lU
gyrostat /l R electrocution A Cl hornbook A cinema IS  respectively VAL indwell M  and many other.
* distinguishable Best PRlCES
* Worldwi pensionable de SHlPPlNG
* Total con winning fidentiaIity
spherule * Over 5 milIion customers
Have a nice saveloy day!

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