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[Tinycc-devel] Library other than freestanding implementation

From: Bluewater Silver
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] Library other than freestanding implementation
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 00:16:06 +0900

Hi all.
I'm just curious that is there any full set of library headers
for tcc (whether it's based on C89,90,94,95,99) made before
because if it's not then
I'm thingking about to write one
(C89 or C90 just simple function declaring headers only ; - ) ).
I just wrote some function prototype declaring
headers of ctype.h,limits.h,math.h mainly set
for C90(reffered to pre-standing freestanding implementation
since some char set sign and int numbers were diffrent.
from the reference1) )
it's diffrent that(reffer to the reference1) ) TCC goes like
char* s ->  char *dest
char* ct -> char *src
char * cs -> char *s
int c -> int c
NULL constant -> Null ((void *)0) or 0(what I would like to write : ) )
and I just found a little more of this pattern differences.
At this point, I know that there might be some problem
if I keep on writting reffer to the reference1)
what do we do with double x, exp *stream, and so on?
Won't there be any problem if I do insist to write in the form
that the reference1) suggests?
(so something like... char *s, const char *t, *fcm, int status,
file *stream...)
I wondered that TCC supports any other(ANSI C) header
function declerations
(C90 headers.. such as assert.h,cytpe.h,errono.h,float.h,limits.h,
but it seems working somehow because
I wrote string.h for myself and TCC would give me a
segmentation fault without it.(ver. 0.9.0 of TCC)
Is there any good source or reference for writting this headers?
Any suggestions?

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