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Re: [Tinycc-devel] my thesis is GPL

From: bj
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] my thesis is GPL
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 14:32:36 +0800
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sorry, it took too long to reply

to Mike Henning, it worked !! thanks very much

here's what i did:

        #define SOUND 10
        #define FONT RT_FONT
// use 10 and RT_FONT to access the resources using functions

#define ID_SOUND                        104
#define ID_FONT                 105
#define ID_MANIFEST             1
#define IDI_MYICON              101
#define fontname                        Charis SIL Literacy
#define fontnamewithquotes      "Charis SIL Literacy"
#define fontnamettf8                    "CharisSILLitR.ttf"
#define FONTfile                        "..\\CharisSILLitR.ttf"
TCHAR fontnamettf[MAX_PATH] = "";
#define RT_MANIFESTfile         "tccwindowwithbutton.exe.manifest"

#include "windowwithbutton.h"
#include <linktosoundandsentencetemp.h>

IDI_MYICON      ICON "../od.ico"
1                        24             RT_MANIFESTfile
ID_FONT         FONT    FONTfile
ID_SOUND        10              SOUNDfile

#define SENTENCE                                                "1234567890 
#define SOUNDfile                                                       


i used 10 and FONT to be their resource types
then i used tcc.exe to compile .c to .exe file
then i used windres.exe to compile .rc, .h,.wav and .ttf files into a .res
file. it happened to be using gcc.exe, and cc1.exe from MinGW.
then i used LinkRes2Exe.exe (from Mike Henning) to link .res file to .exe file to produce the final .exe file. and it worked! then i used upx.exe and strip.exe (from MinGW) to pack the resulting executable.
so instead of the 36mb MinGW, it's now 4mb. i saved some space
i have made the manifest file to work again, sorry i just missed doing these things when transfering my thesis to my laptop
// include in my code
tiny_impdef comctl32
//to make comctl32.def and put it my includes directory
//and then compile the c code using
tcc -lcomctl32 windowwithbutton.c //including all includes for all library and include directories of tcc and windowwithbutton.c
thanks again

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