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Re: [Tinycc-devel] plans to 0.9.27

From: grischka
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] plans to 0.9.27
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 09:31:34 +0200
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Christian Jullien wrote:

This is precisely why I wrote win32/Makefile which, with only Cygwin+native 
Cygwin gcc, was able to bootstrap a native Windows tcc for x86 and x86_64 and 
check that all tests work.
Grischka disliked to have this Makefile and insisted to remove it. HIMO, we now 
lose the ability to very easily build native Windows tcc and test it as there 
is no replacement atm.
I dislike the idea to install mingw on top of Cygwin just to produce native 
build while standard gcc is able to do that and works like a charm

ONLY for people who not are already TOO OLD to type some configure
options or TO TRY something NEW or DIFFERENT, eventually:

# build a cross-tcc using standard cygwin gcc and install in X:

    ./configure --prefix=$PWD/X
    make install
    make distclean

# configure once for using that, anytime in future:

    ./configure --cc=$PWD/X/tcc --prefix=$PWD/W

# build a native windows tcc, optionally with -m32/64, run full tests,
  and install as ready-to-use relocatable tree in W:

    make cross-i386-win32  (cross-x86_64-win32 if on 32bits)
    make test
    make install

-- gr

Until we have a way to do  that, I'll continue to use my own win32/Makefile 
(now private) copy.

Now, you can try to convince Grischka to restore it or ask him to add the logic 
in main Makefile to produce Windows native tcc for x86/x86_64 with just 
Cygwin+standard Cygwin gcc.

If we dream, we should have Canadian-cross compiler with just configure 
--triplet; make. Where triplet is:

System types:
  --build=BUILD     configure for building on BUILD [guessed]
  --host=HOST       cross-compile to build programs to run on HOST [BUILD]
  --target=TARGET   configure for building compilers for TARGET [HOST]

But this is a very huge task to make it work. Until then, I'll continue to use 
my Makefile on Cygwin which is close to my ideal.


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Sent: jeudi 12 octobre 2017 02:54
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] plans to 0.9.27

I just confirmed that restoring the "build windows tcc with cygwin" 
win32/Makefile still works.

Since there is no posix cygwin build of tcc available, I suggest not breaking 
the cygwin build until there is an actual posix/cygwin tcc build supported.

After the 0.9.27 official release, I look forward to contributing development 
of a native posix cygwin tcc.


On 10/11/2017 19:14, Chris Marshall wrote:
I was able to 'make' and 'make test' with the original win32/Makefile. I got home and tried the "new" version building with cygwin and now it doesn't pass tests because it says -run is not valid for a cross compiler.

I think this is a bug since tcc does not have a posix version for cygwin so while tcc is built with a cross compiler, if you are running tcc on windows (built with cygwin or otherwise) then you have a
*windows* tcc not a "cross-compiler".

But,.... the win32/Makefile worked like a charm and all tests pass with a simple build.


On 10/11/2017 12:20, grischka wrote:
grischka wrote:
avih wrote:
Two things:
1. Will the version be 0.9.27 or 0.9.28?

2. On windows in msys2 mingw 64 environment with gcc 7.2.0, (building tcc 64 for windows with mingw gcc 64) the build completes but some tests fail (see below).
Now, I fixed that, plus the ARM signed char test, plus some other stuff.

Also, I removed the win32/Makefile (thanks to Christian's OK), and the VIP patch (it is just not how it should work), and the -iwithprefix option (what was the point without -iprefix).

Moreover, there is
* a patch to tccelf.c to avoid DT_TEXTREL unless really required
* a nifty one in tccasm.c to avoid the 'p3' forward label from
  alloca86_64.S being put into dynsym with a relocation (huh?)
* and the (sig)set variable in tcctest.c was made static to
  avoid some issue with inline asm that I didn't try to fix
* no diff -I option anymore to make tests work with busybox
* a patch to tccrun.c for better selinux support.

With these changes, tcc now seems to build and pass all tests cleanly on Alpine musl x86_64 standard-grsec and vanilla too, configured with
   ./configure --config-musl --with-selinux optionally also with
   --disable-static and/or --cc=tcc (once it was installed)

Patch is here:

You might realize that I bumped the 'master' branch too, which is meant to mean:
    "This could be what we could release as 0,9,27, soon"

Say next week or so, last-minute-fixes/features notwithstanding.


-- gr

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