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Re: [Tinycc-devel] S-Lang tinycc module.

From: grischka
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] S-Lang tinycc module.
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 19:04:23 +0200
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Agathoklis D. Chatzimanikas wrote:
On Fri, Mar 23, at 08:58 grischka wrote:
Agathoklis D.E Chatzimanikas wrote:

I created a tinycc binding for the S-Lang programming language,


and while I was trying to create an executable, I had to use:

  tcc_set_options (tcc_handler, "-xn");

which sets tcc_handler->filetype to AFF_TYPE_NONE,
otherwise (the path) elf_output_file() -> tcc_add_runtime()
tries to compile /usr/local/lib/tcc/libtcc1.a when it calls

  tcc_add_support(s1, TCC_LIBTCC1);

I was wondering if there is a better librar"iezed" way.
I guess that is a bug in tcc.

tcc_add_file() probably should preserve (save/restore) the original
value of s->filetype.

Also, tcc_add_runtime() probably should reset s->filetype to
AFF_TYPE_NONE at entry.

I admit that the filetype stuff isn't really clean but maybe with
these adjustments it could work.  If you can fix it on the mob branch,



If it is that simple, could you make these changes? I mean you have my
permission to do them. ...

Everyone has permission, but yes, at some point I guess I will fix that.
(The more since obviously it was me who wrote the bug ;)

Maybe I'll wait for a while for what other bugs you will discover ...


--- grischka

... As, based on the past, it could take much of my
time (grep'ing and checking the references to those functions and try to
avoid any side effects, and ...), for something (honestly) i don't
care much)?
And even then I could feel awfull, if i didn't fixed properly and provoke
(without to have this will) a possible new bing-bang?

(i mean) I do not really care about "my name in the same table with
legends". Ok okey, I've to admit it, I like it, it makes me feel a super
guy :) (though, you know and i know, that you know, it's nothing but a
single bit) but ... the outsiders they don't know it, so they will think
that is something really great :-).

Okey you can put something like:

diagnosed by that guy ...
(is enough to have it as a certification for the outside world!!!).

Many thanks again,


this was meant mostly as a personal discussion between you and me, the
others please ignore.


(note that my C Fu is at a novice level, so be kind for any error :))

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