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Re: [Tinycc-devel] __builtin_va_* builtins missing

From: u-jps5
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] __builtin_va_* builtins missing
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2018 09:49:43 +0100

On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 09:46:32PM +0100, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
>  |__builtin_va_start
>  |__builtin_va_arg
>  |__builtin_va_copy
>  |__builtin_va_end

> i think it is terrible that all these things are built into these
> huge ones etc. etc.  I think it is just fine that these are
> defined in C headers, and picked up by all interested parties.

There was a discussion with Rich Felker on the musl list
about the virtues of builtins vs includes+helpers:

Using tcc with musl works, given certain workarounds.

Building musl with tcc is not possible.

May be making sure that the stdarg helpers are statically put
by tcc into each object file neeeding them, thus not affecting the ABI
(in other words, adding to tcc an optional "strict ABI compliance" mode)
would allow to take up the discussion with musl developers again?

Otherwise the helpers would have to be added to the resulting libc,
which is certainly not a case musl upstream wishes to handle.


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