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Re: [Tinycc-devel] arm shared build issue

From: Herman ten Brugge
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] arm shared build issue
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 14:02:18 +0200
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I can reproduce the problem. I pushed on fix on mob.
The problem was that there was a stack unwinding section present that was not present in the program headers section.


On 2020-08-05 08:07, Christian JULLIEN wrote:
Herman, thanks for recent DLL (shared) support on more platforms.

Trying to play with recent arm shared support, I compiled tcc with this bash 
on RPi arm:

shared_build() {
    echo === Boostrapping with $1 shared
    ./configure --cc=$1 --disable-static --prefix=$(pwd)/dist
    make # && make -k test
    sudo make install-strip
    $(pwd)/dist/bin/tcc -v || exit 1
    sudo make uninstall
    test `find dist -type f | wc -l` -eq 0 \
        || (echo "Files remain after uninstall" && exit 2)
    cp tcc ../tinycc-$1-dynamic

calling 'shared_build gcc' works:
-> "/home/jullien/tinycc/dist/share/doc" : tcc-doc.html
tcc version 0.9.27 (ARM Hard Float Linux)

but with 'shared_build tcc' it gives:
-> "/home/jullien/tinycc/dist/share/info" : tcc-doc.info
-> "/home/jullien/tinycc/dist/share/doc" : tcc-doc.html
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .interp lma 0x80d4 
adjusted to 0x90d4
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .dynsym lma 0x80f0 
adjusted to 0x90ed
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .dynstr lma 0x8640 
adjusted to 0x963d
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .hash lma 0x8adc 
adjusted to 0x9ad8
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .rel.bss lma 0x8d38 
adjusted to 0x9d34
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .rel.got lma 0x8d48 
adjusted to 0x9d44
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .text lma 0x8ec8 
adjusted to 0x9ec4
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .rodata.cst4 lma 0xc714 
adjusted to 0xd710
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .ARM.extab lma 0xc718 
adjusted to 0xd714
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .ARM.exidx lma 0xc718 
adjusted to 0xd714
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .init lma 0xc720 
adjusted to 0xd71c
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .fini lma 0xc72c 
adjusted to 0xd728
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .preinit_array lma 
0xc734 adjusted to 0xd730
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .init_array lma 0xc734 
adjusted to 0xd730
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .fini_array lma 0xc734 
adjusted to 0xd730
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .plt lma 0xc734 adjusted 
to 0xd730
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .gnu.version lma 0xc97c 
adjusted to 0xd978
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section .gnu.version_r lma 
0xca28 adjusted to 0xda22
strip: /home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/stZ0gMmP: section `.gnu.version_r' can't 
be allocated in segment 3
LOAD: .interp .dynsym .dynstr .hash .rel.bss .rel.got .text .rodata.cst4 
.ARM.extab .ARM.exidx .init .fini .preinit_array .init_array .fini_array .plt 
.gnu.version .gnu.version_r
/home/jullien/tinycc/dist/bin/tcc: error while loading shared libraries: 
tcc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


ldd ./dist/bin/tcc
./dist/bin/tcc: error while loading shared libraries: ./dist/bin/tcc: 
unsupported version 0 of Verneed record

Am I missing something?


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