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[Tinycc-devel] rdynamic and -run

From: Anna Boettcher
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] rdynamic and -run
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2022 23:17:07 +0000

I was trying to get symbol name info from dladdr inside my own program, and noted the -rdynamic support was added to do so.

This works well. However, when using tcc shebang with -run, the request fails to find symbol name information. I assumed adding -bt would resolve the issue, but alas it does not.

I haven't been able to fully pick apart what tcc -run is actually doing, aas it is diversely spread throughout the library, so please help me understand what might be appropriate.

It is clear the effect of -rdynamic boils down to bind_libs_dynsyms() in tccelf.c (and a nearly equivalent in tccpe.c but I'll ignore that for now).
This is only called inside elf_output_file(), which would prevent my use.

Does anybody have a good idea what footguns might exist in trying to put the appropriate sections into the memory loaded file? Is it sufficient to call bind_libs_dynsyms()? Am I missing a bigger picture here?

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