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[Tinycc-devel] clang 15.0 issue with tcctest.c

From: Christian Jullien
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] clang 15.0 issue with tcctest.c
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 10:50:26 +0100

Hi team,


I recently updated one of my x64 Linux machine with Fedora 37 which comes with clang 15.0.


‘make test’ raises this error when clang 15.0 is used:


./configure --with-selinux --cc=clang --prefix=/home/jullien/tinycc/static

Binary directory    /home/jullien/tinycc/static/bin

TinyCC directory    /home/jullien/tinycc/static/lib/tcc

Library directory   /home/jullien/tinycc/static/lib

Include directory   /home/jullien/tinycc/static/include

Manual directory    /home/jullien/tinycc/static/share/man

Info directory      /home/jullien/tinycc/static/share/info

Doc directory       /home/jullien/tinycc/static/share/doc

Source path         /home/jullien/tinycc

C compiler          clang (15.0)

Target OS           Linux

CPU                 x86_64

Config              selinux

Creating config.mak and config.h


Test later fails with


tcctest.c:2903:17: error: incompatible pointer to integer conversion passing 'void *' to parameter of type 'int' [-Wint-conversion]

    old_style_f((void *)1, 2, 3.0);


1 error generated.

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