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Re: [Traverso-devel] release announcement updated

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] release announcement updated
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 17:41:53 +0200
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> > I've updated the announcment a bit, could you please have a look if I
> > missed something, spelling corrections and so on!
> I finally found the time to look at your announcement. I like it, and
> besides removing a few typos I only corrected the part where you describe
> the interface concept. If you don't like my version, just keep yours, no
> problem.

Your version looks good, though it doesn't mention that objects _underneath_ 
other objects can also be controlled (For example < O > for track)
Not sure if that's too much for an announcement actually. It shouldn't get to 
complicated ;-)

> There are also new versions of the effect dialogs, hope you like them. I
> still have the problems with hanging events on my PPC, but on i386 they
> should run smoothly. How does your slow PC cope with the real-time EQ
> curve? There's quite some calculations going on while updating the curve.

I think by hogging the CPU :-)
But I'll look into it asap.

> As to the deb-packages, I'll have a look ASAP. (Isn't there some sort of
> packaging service? Would be cool if we could send the source package to
> someone who creates proper binary packages for the common distributions,
> incl. all architectures...)

Don't know. AFAIK each distro has it's own package(s) maintainer, and the 
build system makes automatically packages for all the supported arches.
So it would be very nice to have a Debian/Gentoo/Mandriva etc maintainer who 
will take care of this.

Right now, it would be very nice if my package install and runs on your 
It installs traverso in /usr/bin, maybe it should be /usr/local/bin ?
IIRC, this is common for custom installs

> I tried to compile Traverso on OS X, but there were still unresolved
> dependencies to libasound, although ALSA support was disabled in the
> project file. I'll send you more information next time I work with OS X.

Sounds like it compiled?
I forgot the libasound linking part, I removed it for os x builds, fix 
uploaded to cvs.

Thanks for the update!


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