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[Traverso-devel] What about joining Atheme?

From: Stefano D'Angelo
Subject: [Traverso-devel] What about joining Atheme?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 00:12:52 +0200


My name's Stefano D'Angelo and I am the author of NASPRO
(, one of the projects of the Atheme

I am writing to you to ask you, on the behalf of the Atheme community
as a whole, whether you would like to join us.

I noticed, long ago actually, that Traverso is a good piece of
software, though probably underrated. This kind of situation is not
anything new, it's something that just keeps on repeating: many good
F/OSS project don't get the attention they deserve just because there
are not many people working on them, which is a real pity. That was
probably the case of my NASPRO too, until I joined Atheme.

The Atheme community is actually a community of developers and
promotes F/OSS projects we think are of a certain quality (at the
moment mostly in the areas of multimedia and networking). The most
known one is probably the Audacious media player right now.

It acts as a democratic umbrella organization (there will be elections
too) in which every project retains its space and has no particular
duties towards the others. This means, for example, that we are
partecipating as a whole at this year's GSoC, and potentially every
Atheme project could have had its slots (NASPRO got one FWIW - which
would have been impossible outside of Atheme).

Since we own our infrastructure totally, we can give services to each
project needing them. I mean Mercurial repository, Bugzilla, web space
with PHP/MySQL, IRC channel on our server, etc.

The most shocking thing for me was that people here is a bit fancy
and.. ehm... "informal" if you want, but that turned out to be a
positive thing in the end, since you don't have to follow braindead
bureaucratic procedures if you need anything.

For anything, you can join our IRC server, and
possibly contact me (daste) or directly "the boss" (nenolod) or just
any other audacious developer on #audacious (you can try on
#atheme-soc as well).

It would be great to have you around here!

Let me know,

Stefano D'Angelo

P.S.: As you can read on the Atheme website (
one of our main concerns is interoperability, and since we have some
stuff related to audio, it would be good to keep in contact with other
audio-related Atheme projects if you wish to join (or even if you

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