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Re: [Traverso-devel] Hello

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Hello
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 22:53:26 +0200
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Hello John,

> There's a much bigger problem looming though....  If I understand it
> correctly, Traverso's timeline tracks are all mono audio channels (is that
> correct?).  

No, the Tracks can contain audio 'clips' (called regions in Ardour?) with  'n' 
number of channels, but currently it is assumed in very view places the 
maximum is 2, partially for the panning effect.

> If so, that's a different arrangement to Ardour.  In Ardour, 
> each timeline track (Diskstream) can have any number of audio channels.  So
> a track can be mono or stereo.  Or it can have 4 channels (for Dolby LCRS).
> Or 6 channels (for Dolby 5.1) etc.  I guess that's quite different from
> Traverso.

There is indeed a bit of a difference, as I said, mostly in how Ardour deals 
with panning and how Traverso currently does that :)



Support for 'Buses' is on the TODO list, and as far as I understand it, Tracks 
are a special case of a Bus, which can hold 'audioclips' whereas Buses 
Adding support for Buses would be relatively easy then  :)

> John
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> From: "Remon Sijrier" <address@hidden>
> To: <address@hidden>
> Sent: 02 July 2008 18:38
> Subject: [Traverso-devel] Hello
> Hello John,
> > Hi there.  I'm a C++ developer with experience of DAW design and file
> > interchange formats (mostly, the 'pro' ones, like OMF and AAF).  I came
> > across Traverso by accident, this morning.
> >
> > Traverso looks highly interesting although it's clearly in the formative
> > stages of its development.  I wondered if I could make a few constructive
> > suggestions?
> Sure!
> > Firstly, on the "Getting Involved" web page, it would be
> > handy if you could give potential devs an idea about the basic needs for
> > contributing to Traverso.  For example, which compilers are supported? 
> > Is development done using command-line tools or via an IDE?  What 3rd
> > party libraries are needed etc?
> OK, I see. Makes sense indeed. Will try to improve it.
> > Also, if you haven't already considered it, I would very, very, VERY
> > strongly recommend that you take a look at the Ardour project.
> I looked a lot at it :D
> > It's
> > another cross-platform DAW – but only for OS-X and Linux (no Windows
> > version, although they've been promising one for years).  Ardour is also
> > GPL licensed so this might offer a quick route to getting new features
> > into
> > Traverso.  In particular, I'd recommend taking a look at the Ardour
> > session
> > (i.e. project) format.  Like Traverso's, it's XML based and is remarkably
> > similar to a Traverso project.
> Traverso's format was modelled after Ardours one....
> > It's more comprehensive of course – because
> > Ardour has been around for a long time and already has things like
> > automation, VST support and a built-in mixer.  The basic principles
> > however
> > are essentially similar to those of Traverso.  If you could adopt
> > Ardour's session format, you might benefit greatly.
> As you say, Ardour has a lot more stuff, but a basic import of an Ardour
> session should be possible for sure. However, no routing abilities in
> Traverso, plugins are manages differently iirc, so I wonder what exactly
> are we going to import?
> Traverso has no Buses right no, so how exactly would an Ardour import look
> like ?
> If you have ideas or suggestions, I'll very much welcome them. Some other
> people allready recommended creating an Ardour import thing, but after
> asking
> how that would work, it remained silent...
> > For example, I've already
> > designed a plug-in for Ardour which allows it to import AAF files.
> > Compatibility would therefore allow Traverso to import projects from
> > other systems, such as Pro Tools and Nuendo.
> That would be great indeed.
> Thanks a lot for your suggestions, very helpful. If you happen to have some
> time and want to share ideas/suggestions as how to implement your ideas
> and/or make use of your AAF plugin.....
> > Good luck with the Traverso project.
> Thanks :D
> Best wishes,
> Remon
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