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[Traverso-devel] Traverso-Routing etc

From: Niklas Klügel
Subject: [Traverso-devel] Traverso-Routing etc
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 03:56:30 +0200
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I've been looking through the Traverso code lately and I am planning to incorporate signal/control-routing to traverso using CLAM [1]. Since I am working on that mainly because I'd need it for myself I am not exactly sure if you are okay with the imeplementation I am working on. The basic concept/proposal is: 1) Implement a NetworkPlayer that uses Traverso's AudioDevice/audio-backend so _external_ audio will be routed into and out of
the CLAM-Network
2) Implement as CLAM-Processing: either Traverso's Track-Class (so Tracks are Audio-Generators in the CLAM Network) or AudioProcessingItem (the advantage would be that you could implement a different NetworkPlayer to do Offline-Processing using arbitrary CLAM-Networks on i.e. AudioClips -> commands for certain offline f/x such as preverb etc.). 3) Implement a Master-Bus as CLAM-Audio-Sink to return the processed audio to Traverso's internals (advance: multichannel mixdown possible without changing much of the Network's topology e.g. stereo downmix to 5.1 downmix (especially handy if you would want to use CLAM's spatial audio processors)).

All in all: do all the mixing within the CLAM Network. This allows for the most flexible routing, including side-chaining and return channels with a certain degree of recursion. In order to do proper mixer-automation, arbitrary control-curves would be needed; those would then be output to a control port of the related Track-Object in the CLAM-Network (possibly the toughest part). The gain from that is that it would make way for automating anything within the CLAM-network, such as f/x chains etc. and finally would lead to a very robust way to add "midi"/note-editing afterwards.

I am currently working on 1). I am not so eager to do coding so it might take a while regarding whether I am busy with real-life or doing music, but if you guys are interested in the outcome I'll try to comply with the coding-style that you guys use and not make just a quick hack.

Take care!


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