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Re: [Traverso-devel] Re: Traverso-Routing etc,

From: Niklas Klügel
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Re: Traverso-Routing etc,
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 01:47:29 +0200
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Peter Hoppe schrieb:
Sorry that this question hovered in the air for two days now...

I just very recently started to look into Traverso development, so I'm junior 
junior. In that sense I can't really speak
very authoritatively. I certainly can't say whether signal/control routing to 
CLAM should be added to the Traverso
project - that's for the long standing developers to decide.

However - concerning coding quality, it's /always/ recommendable to work 
towards high quality code. 'Hackish' designs
may work and bring results quickly - but you suffer consequences later. Most 
prominently, you'll find that with
increasing complexity your architecture suffers from hardening, i.e. it gets 
more and more inflexible.

Concerning a bridge to CLAM - would it be worthwhile to look into the plugin 
architecture already provided by Traverso?
Traverso has got support for LV2 plugins, and whilst I am not very familiar 
with that technology it sounds like
something worthwhile to investigate. If that route would be a good one, you'd 
only need to write an LV2 plugin for
Traverso which then would somehow interface with the Audio editor. But, as I 
said, this is just a wild guess. I actually
had a little look into CLAM, and it seems to be a very flexible sound 
processing system.

Hope this helps! Your projects sounds interesting!



well, concerning LV2 only support I'd still go with clam because it supports ladspa and such stuff already (basically
a wrapped up CLAM-Processing and an additional class-loader) and I am sure
LV2 support is about to come anytime soon. More Midi-Support is about to be added as well along with the support of Control-data that can be arbitrary (i.e. multiple note events in a control-stream) and subpatches. Another plus is that alot of scopes for signals (time and frequency domain) and controls-widgets are already available. For editing the routing I'd basically just rip the NetworkEditor apart that comes with the clam-source.

The design itself isnt hackish the implementation might turn out to be hackish though. Currently there exist
four base-classes:
CLAMExtAudioIn (Traverso Audiodevice -> clam network)
CLAMExtAudioOut (clam network -> Traverso Audiodevice)
CLAMTraversoMasterBus (clam network main output -> Traverso renderbus)
CLAMTraversoTrack (Traverso Track -> clam network, homefully the other way around as well for recording internal audio)

Then there will be new Sheet class, the only modification that would be necessary to the original Traverso-source is in Track.* (leaving out additional commands for editing the network so traverso keeps track of the editing).

So long...

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