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Re: [Traverso-devel] getting closer

From: Nicola Döbelin
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] getting closer
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 08:14:02 +0100

Hi Remon,

I've been following the recent progress with a huge amount of relieve. I have 
to admit that I was beginning to feel that the project was doomed if you would 
decide not to contribute anymore. I'm incredibly relieved to see that you're 
still actively pushing it.

> Finally found the cause of the painting issues when using Qt >= 4.4, the
> fixes are uploaded to cvs, the play cursor no longer leaves traces of 
> itself on animated scroll, the animated scroll itself has been made 
> more reliable as well, and the playhead now is centered during playback 
> when the user zooms in beyond a certain level.

That's great news! I've had painting issues on several systems for quite some 
time now. I'll test it on an nVidia and an Intel system tonight.

> Also the ability to load a different language (then the systems one) at 
> startup, however, I need to add a language select button still to the 
> preferences dialog, but I've no clue where to place it, anyone?
> (what about adding it also to the dialog that is shown when starting
> traverso for the first time?)

I would say the button in the first-start dialogue falls into the category of 
"less is more", as the system language is a pretty good guess in more than 90% 
of the cases. As for the button in the settings dialogue, the Appearance page 
should be the right place. But I realised how crowded the pages are when I 
tried to add the icon size stuff. I'll have a look at the dialogue tonight and 
make a recommendation.

> Nicola: thanks for updating the manual, I noticed you set the version
> number to 0.5.0, makes sense to me, using 0.5.x for using stable 
> updates, and 0.6.0 for the next release, up till 1.0 :)

I thought it would be sensible to adopt a more common versioning scheme.

> I'm btw terribly busy at work, so it still can take some time before I 
> can create a -rc. (do we need one?)

So am I, my time to help with the coding is very limited at the moment. But 
I'll try to have the manual and the translations ready for the release. I don't 
think it is necessary to release an official rc. Just tell us when you're done 
with your fixes and give us a week or so for some thorough testing. 

Anyway, keep it up! And let's hope the new release will make it into the 


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