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Re: [Traverso-devel] Proposal: changing Sheet concept in Traverso

From: JC Cheloven
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Proposal: changing Sheet concept in Traverso
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 10:41:56 +0200

Hi all. Awesome activity over here !

I'm quite satisfied with the current setup of sheets & project. I can split my project ("album") into sheets ("songs") in different timelines, instead of having one long (cumbersome) timeline. Users from other apps may not be not used to this, but T will surely teach the world a number of things in the next future. I like to think in terms of: "is this one among the good things people will experience/learn from T?"

I'm not completely clear about the question above myself. If I understood, the approach of replacing current "sheets" for "tracks views", being those a sort of track filtering from all the tracks in the project, will require to use a single timeline for the project. So I'd lost some benefit here (?).

On the other hand, I aknowledge the simplicity of the new approach, which is also appealing. And I realize this has been under consideration since a while,237.0.html . Probably a basical decission of "doing something about it" is already made, so let's try getting used to it :-)

> Why not record directly from any track/bus into a (bounce) track in that
> sheet?

Awesome! Some thoughts on this:
- The main use I devise on this (bouncing), is to put partial mixes into new tracks, and cleaning up the space afterwards discarding the original tracks.
- For this use, it's not necessary to do bouncing while playing (as recording along from live isn't considered). So an option of doing it right away would be nice.
- I think I'll never really need to record from live along a bouncing, but surely other users may figure out a use case in which they may want to.
- A way of satisfying the avobe could be offering *armed* tracks in the list of possible outputs for other tracks/buses (care: output from the armed track should not point back to a bus being recorded)
- As for "right away" bouncing, the above may be bit more complicated than necessary, but gives a lot of flexibility (inserting effects in the partial mix...). So it could share the same method. Or, some easier method, as a function to simply bouncing all soloed tracks.
- Early thought: This is becoming "everything can be routed to everything". In this scenario I wonder if some sort of matrix representation would be advantageous (instead of drop menus in the track manager dialog, currently in git).


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