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Re: [Traverso-devel] Request for comment: tracks folder views

From: JC Cheloven
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Request for comment: tracks folder views
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 02:31:35 +0200

Ok, in doubt here.

Now you go back to view number one: "where do you expect the work cursor, the
playback cursor and the horizontal scrollbar (so the visible timeline part)
and also the zoom level".
Should it be as it was when you left view number one and started working in
view number two ?
Or should view one have the same zoom, WC placement etc as view number two ?

In other words, are the views of a sheet in sync? Or can they have their own
work cursor, zoom level, playhead position and so on, independent of each
Or should both be possible ?

It's difficult for me to say, or even to figure out a use case in which that really matters. Whether you're using views to record more comfortably (viewing only what is to be listened), or to fine-tuning in time (compensating for latency problems...) your 26 tracks in batches of 5, I don't realize whether is there an advantage of keeping the {area + wc + pb} when changing the view, or not.
Thus my tentative answer is "go for whatever is simpler" (keeping a common set of parameters for all views?). Or for whatever proves to be useful in some use case we don't figure out at the moment anyway.
Another question: all sheets are placed in one tab widget now. So each sheet
has one tab. If sheets can have multiple views, should these views also be
added to this tab widget, or should a sheet have it's own tab widget, so an
additional row of tabs for the views the sheet has.

I think I wouldn't like to see more vertical space occupied by new gadgets. One seem to never have enough vertical space. As I imagine it, option 1 is better suited for that: sheet views being added to the current tab widget. Perhaps a colour scheme could be used to identify them? I mean, grey font for sheet 1 and its views, blue for sheet2 &views, green for sheet 3 &views...

Hope these uninspired ideas will help in some way.

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