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Re: [Traverso-devel] Request for comment: tracks folder views

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Request for comment: tracks folder views
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 15:07:57 +0200
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Thanks for the ideas, sorry for not replying earlier, have been rather busy 

> concept -- just as we can currently make a track "look into" arbitrary
> bits of various soundfiles as it plays, so this "views" facility would
> allow our brains to easily "look into" various arbitrary bits of an entire
> song or project as we work on it.


> - we define various views, which show a certain amount of the timeline
> (i.e. zoom and position), and a certain number of tracks - we can toggle
> any view's playhead to "locked" or "free"
> - when playback is started, the playhead of the current view, and any other
> "free" playheads follows playback - when playback is stopped, if the
> current view has a "locked" playhead, it returns to it's
> locked-playhead-default-position (the position it was at when it was
> toggled to the "locked" state) - when playback is stopped, any "free"
> playheads stay at the stop position - we can toggle the playhead of the
> current view during playback, to free it or to set a new lock position -
> if we switch views during playback, behaviour depends on the playhead
> state of the destination view: - locked playhead: playback jumps to the
> new view's locked-playhead-default-position, and continues playing from
> there - free playhead: playback continues along the timeline from where it
> was at the time of the view switch
> we would probably also need "free playhead in all views" and "lock playhead
> in all views" functions. the latter would make the
> locked-playhead-default-position for all views equal to the current
> playhead position of wherever we happen to be.
> then, i'd say, whenever we jump to a view, the playhead position (as
> determined by the above logic) gets centered, while the new track-view,
> zoom, and work-cursor take effect.

Sounds reasonable, and like a 'synchronize' or not feature to me ?

> that all sound quite useful to me, but am i missing some conceptual or
> logical flaw?

No idea :)

> > Another question: all sheets are placed in one tab widget now. So each
> > sheet has one tab. If sheets can have multiple views, should these views
> > also be added to this tab widget, or should a sheet have it's own tab
> > widget, so an additional row of tabs for the views the sheet has.
> i'd avoid using more vertical space, if at all possible. as suggested by
> another email, view-tabs colour-coded by sheet might work.

I'm thinking of moving this to a 'dockwidget' which can be placed anywhere. 
Makes it far easier to have a custom layout (vertical or horizontal), fonts,
 colors, you name it.
Then you can place it say above or below the VU meter widget if you want, not 
using any horizontal or vertical space, depending on the placement.

> thanks again for all the thought and work you're putting into this
> software, remon!!

You're welcome, and thanks for the feedback!


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