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Re: [Traverso-devel] transport console: moving time indicator to somewh

From: JC Cheloven
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] transport console: moving time indicator to somewhere else
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2010 00:49:40 +0200

Backgound thoughts: Traverso screen layout is almost totally configurable, so the most important point is about what will be NOT configurable (ie, that area above the track headers). The second most important thing is to setup a default layout that will be appealing/comfortable/suitable to new users, untill they learn how to customize it at their willing. So:

1) I absolutely vote for the clock to be placed in that area. No matter if it's not moveable. As Remon said, the transport console benefits a lot regarding vertical docking etc.

2a) The track finder at the bottom is a good idea IMO. The widget is very useful, and there was unused space in the system info bar. Perhaps it can be said that info bar isn't a coherent place for the track finder, but anyway. When it comes to save space it seems to be the best solution so far. An alternative approach (to circumvent the 'conceptual' coherence issue) is to make the track finder a small dockable bar itself, and to have a 'netbok default setup' in which it is docked along the sys info bar.

2b) The track finder could be placed together (vertically stacked) with the clock, IN THE FUTURE, if it happens to make sense for the timeline to become a bit taller. It could for example be the case if pieces of metronome would be allocated there.

3) Default setups. As said, important only (!!) for catching new users. I envisage a "common default" and a "netbook default", from which the user would be able to choose the first time it runs T.

The "netbook default", or small screen default, or space saving default, or whatever name it would have, would be basically idea8.png, perhaps with 1) the history widget in half the height of the VU meters (or something else there: perhaps the transport & edit & project buttons... the VUs don't need to waste so much space). 2) The track VUs in vertical. This one only if that space that is left unused between pan and capture when VUs are set vertical, is recuperated (I think it's in fact a sort of small bug?).

The "default default" (LOL) would be something with all stuff shown off: correlation, FFT, time history, resources bin, ... with extensive use of rows. Something usual, like this

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