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Re: [Traverso-devel] Key shorcuts re-evaluated

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Key shorcuts re-evaluated
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 13:14:23 +0100
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Hi all,

> Thanks for the continued work on Traverso!

You're welcome!

> My input is a bit late, but here's an alternate idea:

Np,  better late then never  hehe.

> Maybe we could instead remember the mouse location of the first
> keyDown for each user command, and apply the command retroactively
> when the timeout has been reached?

we already do that :)

> This might solve the same problem, and additionally solve the similar
> problem caused by the timeout required to distinguish < N > from << N
> >>.  But I think this would probably be a much bigger code change.  :)

It's specifically that timeout that's defeating the purpose of the whole 
shortcuts sytem: to be fast!

> I'm glad to participate in some discussion. One ofthe virtues in the
> development of Traverso is that it's never considered "too late" to wipe
> out anything and start over, if needed.
> I wouldn't dare to make such a proposal on my own, but once you said it, I
> have to say it makes also sense to me, as it does for plutek. The current
> scheme is great, but ... well, here my thoughts in short:

Don't be afraid to propse anything, if it improves Traverso, so it'll become 
more usable for it's users, I'm all ears!

> - After the long process last year, it seems to me that the big set of
> otherwise good ideas for keyboard actions, was rather difficult to
> stabilize, and/or make to work in a snappy way.


> - Once the keyboard-only possibility is assumed for Traverso, which is
> absolutely awesome btw, it would be nice to aim for similarity to other
> common apps, typically a word processor (there are many diffs, sure, and
> the layered structure doesn't help). The learning curve would be less
> steep for the newcomer.


> Your present idea can match to a greater degree with the 'word processor'
> bit, it will hopefully be easier to make snappy, and it will simplify the
> workflow in traverso overall, so I think it's a good one !


> I think the idea is great. Your analysis of the problems of the current
> system sounds sound to me.


> hey remon... it's been good to see activity in git lately! this
> re-structuring of shortcuts makes a lot of sense to me.
> cheers!
> .pltk.

Thanks all for the feedback, much appreciated. 

It seems all of you agreed to this change, and in fact, it's in git already :)
Some of the shortcuts need to be re-assigned due < E > and [ E ] are 
conflicting keys, since there is just E now, and there are a couple more of 
The Context Help widget, and the right click menus have also been updated to 
only show the single key without the brackets < or > or [ or etc ..

It'll probably needs to get some getting used to, although, it's much more 
similar to normal shorcuts now.

OK, back to the drawing board here :)

Best wishes, Remon

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