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[Traverso-devel] "Audio Import Option" and some experiment

From: 石任之
Subject: [Traverso-devel] "Audio Import Option" and some experiment
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 09:07:53 +0800

Hi. This is third patch of "Audio Import Option".
I made a video to provide a glance of functionality:

Because I use Qt Creator to auto-indent the coding, the patch generated contains tons of indent “fix” and hard to read, I am sorry for inconvenience.  The patch:
I will find time to regenerate a patch that only contain modification.

###Main Feature###:
1 Audio Import Option:
*Provide several options when user importing audio via menu, tool button or drag&drop: copy to project dir, convert sample rate and bit depth, adding marker, two way to put clips on tracks.
*File type only "wav" avaliable now.
*It will ensure clips be put on track that have identical channel count ( channel count check ).

2 track autonaming: it will give a fresh created track a unique name in pattern "(Audio/Bus) Track (num)"

###Experimental Feature###:
1 Project sample rate and bit depth definition ( these information stored in project file ) that can be defined when we create new project or changed via Project Manager dialog.

2 Creating actual Mono or Stereo type audio track or audio bus.

3 Split multichannel ( now stereo only ) clip to mono.

4 Strict channel count check: Audio track can only contains clips have identical channel count (this measure will avoid ambiguity and trouble when dealing with relate concept).

5 Track Manager:
add switch track button
add custom audio slider
add custom panner ( designed to support multichannel specification like 5.1, only stereo now )

6 A dark theme (via stylesheet, it can load color from themer() using .arg() function. Not complete yet)

7 exit project logic: give a chance to cancel the operation and return to project.

###Fixed (Environment: Windows 10 64bit, Qt 5.12.4_MingW 7.3.0)###:
1. In function "ProjectManager::start_incremental_backup(Project* project)". On Windows, file name cannot contain comma. I changed writelocation as "QString writelocation = backupdir + "/" + "backup_" + time.toString("yyyyMMdd_hhmmss");"
And the coding of reading and display backup file’s time information have modified accordingly.

2. The disk free space info not available on infowidget.


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