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[Web-trans] Merchant Account

From: ePayment Consultant
Subject: [Web-trans] Merchant Account
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 08:13:42 -0800

Non profit organizations are now utilizing electronic payment as a alternative solution for accepting payments and donations.
Over the past decade that North American Bancard has been registered with Visa &MasterCard, we have built our business on the philosophy of growing
solid Merchant-Partner relationships. Currently, we process credit card transactions for thousands of businesses nationwide providing them with the most
competitive processing costs and equipment prices, the #1 rated Help Desk (24 hours x 7 days a week) for terminal support in the industry, and easy to
understand itemized monthly statements.
The importance of doing business on the net is no longer a thing of the future. With Online Sales expected to top  the trillion dollar mark as early as next year,
the future, clearly, is now. Our e-commerce programs are individually designed for merchants operating on the internet. All at the right price.
And all custom-tailored to your individual e-business needs.
NAB Wireless POS services allow you to instantly process debit or credit transactions with your customers. Ideal for all mobile businesses, Wireless Point
of Sale does not restrict you to fixed retail locations nor to cash or cheque payment options. Quick, timely transaction processing will decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction. NAB Wireless POS solution is positioned to serve mobile retailers such as limousine services,Food Delivery,Flea Markets,Trade Shows,
Business Expose,Door To Door Sales,Concession Stands as well as merchants using temporary locations.
No Monthly Volume Requierment, No Turn Downs, 24HRS SETUP
We are currently offering a complimentary analysis
on credit card processing rates.
Rob Robinson, ePayment Consultant
North American Bankcard

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