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[Web-trans] inactiveness announcement

From: Ofer Waldman
Subject: [Web-trans] inactiveness announcement
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:33:09 -0500

Hello people

As you've probably noticed, I've become quite inactive in the past month and a 

The university studies are quite intensive, and I've become very involved with 
bringing free software and the GNU system to wider populations here in Israel. 
(with an emphasis on weak populations, which can adopt the "self-helping 
community" view as a way of life. We also try to see how we can integrate free 
software in the university activity, but that is a long term goal).

Due to these activities, I've become very short of time, and probably won't be 
able anymore to serve actively in the translation coordination team. I can 
still give an advice here and there, but I won't be able to help with reading 
mails or any other routine activity till further notice (which might not come 
only years from now).

In short, I would like to thank you all for the cooperation (and thank RMS for 
GNU), and wish Praveen good luck with organizing the translation issues.

You can take me out of the web-discuss list, and also the web-trans list, as I 
won't be watching the mails much, which will finally cause mails to bounce from 
my mailbox, causing these lists to be flooded with "Ofer is not around" 
messages :)

If needed you can always get me in the_duke AT intermail.co.il or here 
(the_duke AT post.com), or if you want a fast reply, oferwa AT bgu DOT ac DOT 
il which is my main mailbox, so please keep it private.
If you feel like it, you can keep my RT and CVS access rights, as I might be 
able to return for a short while in summer vacations and do small repairs, but 
I can't promise anything.

I've been around since the time of Luis (the trans-coord), and I can say things 
have improved greatly, and it seems like they are going to improve even more.

Let me know if you need anything. I never disappear completly :)

That's all, have fun!

Currently I'm also looking for someone to replace me in the hebrew translation 
team. I'll let you know once this will be done.

    Ofer Waldman (a.k.a. the duke)
    inactive, and maybe retired GNU translations co-coordinator
;;          ((_        ( )
;           /  ~---#     )
\----------\\ ,,,,,/-\  )
|           \|        \U
 \ ',,,,,,, /*
  \|_     \|_

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