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[Web-trans] Re: Questions

From: Ofer Waldman
Subject: [Web-trans] Re: Questions
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:41:57 -0500

Were these questions answered already?

Here are some short notes, just in case.
if you need longer answers mail me to the oferwa AT bgu DOT ac DOT il.

> 1) When someone volunteers to start a translation team
> is he/she then expected to be setup with CVS access to
> the www.gnu.org project and for them to directly
> publish their translated pages to the gnu.org server.

That was the deal so far.
I think Sinuhe has a different opinion on this.
You should consult with him and with RMS on a final answer for this one.

> 2) When a translation team submits translated pages to
> be published on the gnu.org server is the translation
> required to be reviewed by someone before being
> published and if yes who approves the translation for
> publication.

We prefer the suitable translation team to approve the translation.
If we don't have a translation team we ask the sender if he would like to form 
one, if he does the document is automatically approved by the translaiton team 
If it's just a random translation, we would try to find someone (a users group 
or a webmaster who accidently knows the language) who can give us a shallow 
observation of the translation quality (we won't publish very bad translations. 
That way we can also avoid bogus translations). If none works, we make a guess 
on the translation quality based on the text shape, and a lot of intuition, and 
if it seems OK, we'll publish it.

> It would help if you could outline all of the steps
> which we need to follow for the creation of a new
> translation team including those pertaining to needed
> accounts and access for the translation team.

These have to do with webmasters and sys-admins. Sinuhe and RMS can help you 
with these.

    Ofer Waldman (a.k.a. the duke)
    GNU translations co-coordinator
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