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Re: [Web-trans] How are things going?

From: Praveen Kamat
Subject: Re: [Web-trans] How are things going?
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 19:57:36 -0800 (PST)

--- Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

> Have you been able to make a functioning team
> and do the web translation coordination job?

We are functioning but not on full steam yet. The team
now has Dwayne Dever and myself with Leandro on
temporary hiatus until he lands a job and Ofer's
announcement that he is going to take a longish break.

I have been responding to the general queries from
folks offering to help out with translations but have
not started to publish anything on the website as yet.
I am still making myself familiar with the activities
of the translation coordinator and I am not sure how
far along Dwayne is at his end.

As a first step I have attempted to verify that the
translation team leads listed on the 
page are valid. Based on only 11 responses received of
the 25 listed it appears that several of the languages
are in need of an active translation team lead. I have
updated the "Translations underway" section to reflect
the contact info available and sent the page to Ofer
for his review before publishing it.

There has also been an interest expressed to start
several new translation teams for Dutch,
Farsi(Persian), Ukrainian, Azeri, Finnish, Thai,
mainland Portuguese. But before I respond to have them
start new teams it would help if you could outline all
of the steps which we need to follow for the creation
of a new translation team including those pertaining
to needed accounts/access/mailing lists for the
translation team since I have not had a clear and
concise answer from anyone.
Also need to know the process for dealing with
requests for new mailing lists to support translation
activities. Recently we have had a request from Nic
Ferrier for a mailing list of translators willing to
support translation of news alerts. I had sent this
request to address@hidden with a cc to the
webmaster but have not heard from either of them.

I am leaving for India tomorrow and will be in
Bangalore for the next 4 months. It will be another
week before I am functional again and am going to rely
on Dwayne to back me up. I am going to touch base with
Dwayne and figure out how to divi the work between us.

GNU Translation Coordinator

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