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Re: [Web-trans] How are things going?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [Web-trans] How are things going?
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 10:02:10 -0500

    We are functioning but not on full steam yet. The team
    now has Dwayne Dever and myself with Leandro on
    temporary hiatus until he lands a job and Ofer's
    announcement that he is going to take a longish break.

Do you need more people?

    I have been responding to the general queries from
    folks offering to help out with translations but have
    not started to publish anything on the website as yet.

Why not?  That sounds very bad.  For languages that have
no operating team, YOU are the ones who are supposed to
install translations.

Do you have any translations waiting to be installed now?
If not, why don't you install them?  What is the obstacle?
Please respond ASAP.

    Also need to know the process for dealing with
    requests for new mailing lists to support translation

Just forget about this for now.  We need to get your main activities
functional first.

    There has also been an interest expressed to start
    several new translation teams for Dutch,
    Farsi(Persian), Ukrainian, Azeri, Finnish, Thai,
    mainland Portuguese. But before I respond to have them
    start new teams it would help if you could outline all
    of the steps which we need to follow for the creation

Sorry, I can't do that.  I don't know.  Did you try
asking Ofer what he used to do?

If Ofer does not answer, I want YOU to plan how to do this.

Don't spend a lot of time discussing the plan.  It does not NEED to be
perfect, it just needs to work.  Please make an imperfect plan within
the next two days, then stop planning and start setting up the new

I do want you to keep records of the members and leaders of the teams.
Please get their names and email addresses, and phone numbers too.
You can keep these on fencepost, or somewhere else as long as you send
them to me every so often.  Don't publish them.

The team leaders, at least, will need to have Savannah accounts that
have access to their translations.  Please ask the chief webmaster how
to give them access.  If you need help getting access so you can set

If the plan you have two weeks from today is not perfect, use it
anyway!  Please, no more delay!

Please write to me two weeks from today to tell me that you have
started setting up translation teams.

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