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Re: [Web-trans] How are things going?

From: Alex Muntada
Subject: Re: [Web-trans] How are things going?
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 01:33:09 +0100
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For those who don't know me, I recently offered my help to the
coordination tasks of web translations. But I need some help to
be up to date.

* Praveen Kamat <address@hidden>:
  [2004-11-04 19:57:36 -0800]

> We are functioning but not on full steam yet. The team
> now has Dwayne Dever and myself with Leandro on
> temporary hiatus until he lands a job and Ofer's
> announcement that he is going to take a longish break.

Since I'm not sure if they're on the web-trans mail list, I'm
also cc'ing them and the rest of trans-coord members.

Has any of you admin access to the web-trans list? If not,
who has? Maybe it's web-translation-manager? Anyone knows who
is this web-translation-manager? We must start filtering spam
from web-trans or team coordinators won't subscribe.

About trans-coord project on savannah, Ofer could you give to
someone else admin rights on the project? You can add my
username (alex_muntada) or Praveen's (kamatp). Sorry for being
so pushing but we need, at least, someone with admin rights
which is reachable and I'm told that neither you nor mhatta
will be.

> I have been responding to the general queries from
> folks offering to help out with translations but have
> not started to publish anything on the website as yet.

Do you have any translated page that has to be published yet?
If so, send them to me. I'll review and upload them to CVS.

We can't make people wait if they're offering help or they'll
leave and spend their time anywhere else.

> There has also been an interest expressed to start
> several new translation teams for Dutch,
> Farsi(Persian), Ukrainian, Azeri, Finnish, Thai,
> mainland Portuguese.

Do you have the messages or mail addresses of those people?
Are they alone or they have several people who want to make
a translation team? Have they already translated something
from gnu.org?

Then, we should ask them to create an account at savannah in
order for them to ask for a new web-only project later. Thus,
other people willing to contribute to those translations will
have a project to join.

There's an existing Thai project on savannah (thaitrans) and
one for Brazillian Portuguese (is there a need for a mainland
Portuguese translation? Both languages have the same code "pt",
I guess). Other languages with projects on savannah are Chinese,
Spanish (has two, but don't know why), Hebrew, Catalan, Romanian
and Servian.

We must update the README.translations.html page also and make
sure that potential contributors don't send mail to unavailable
people listed on this page.

> But before I respond to have them start new teams it would help
> if you could outline all of the steps which we need to follow
> for the creation of a new translation team including those
> pertaining to needed accounts/access/mailing lists for the
> translation team since I have not had a clear and concise
> answer from anyone.

Those are the steps I suggest:

 (1) Start making some translations (in text-only or HTML).
 (2) Send them to web-trans for review and publising into CVS.
 (3) Create an account on savannah.
 (4) Create a web-only project for a language, if it doesn't
     exist any yet.
 (5) After some documents are published, give CVS access to
     team coordinator (I guess webmasters can do that).
 (6) Suggest the coordinator to find more contributors and use
     savannah resources (task manager, mail lists, etc.), and
     subscribe web-trans.

Please, let's rock!

- --
Alex Muntada <address@hidden>

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