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[Web-trans] do you need help?

From: Salvatore Novello
Subject: [Web-trans] do you need help?
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 11:01:10 -0500

Dear Translations Agency,
I would like to work as a freelance translator from English into the
Italian language, so don't hesitate to hire me.
You will get professional work for an affordable price:
from 0.055 eur / word...
My name is Salvatore Novello, I am 24 years old, live in Italy and am a
native speaker of Italian.
I have been studying English for 9 years and I recently lived in Ireland
for 1 month.
I often use English for work and the Internet. I am also a good writer in
Italian and in English.
In 1999 I finished high school, obtaining an Italian "diploma" in the
scientific field. This November I also obtained a score of 875 (/990)
-Gold Level- in the Test Of English for International Communication:
listening 425, reading 450.
The TOEIC is a product of the Educational Testing Service,
Princeton (NJ) [www.toeic.com] .
I worked in a printing house as a graphic operator, in 2001.
I am studying Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan. I am
proficient in the use of Windows-based programs, MS Office (European
Computer Driving Licence already certified), Corel Draw, Internet and
email, html.
Please see the curriculum vitae at www.salvatorenovello.it .
Feel free to request further details if you need them. I will gladly send
them by email or by fax.
I would be grateful to work for your agency as a freelance translator,
from English to Italian.
My areas of expertise are advertising, business, computers, economics,
education, finance, journalism and sociology.
My rates for your agency are:
55 EUR per 1000 source words (ENG->ITA)
20 EUR per 1000 words for proof reading (ITA)
[I accept Paypal, 2checkout (credit card payments), Western Union,
International Wire Tranfer, checks]
I can translate about 3500 English words per day and I do guarantee
on-time delivery (...ask, for example, to Delta Germany,
my last employer).
Moreover I can use a CAT tool -such as Trados 6.5 freelance- if you
Please reply to this email, even if you are not really interested in my
application. I appreciate your attention.
I look forward to working for your agency as soon as you
need my service. I would prefer large volumes.

[P.S. I have a coworker, Mrs. Milou Van-Kooi, with expertise in Dutch<>English, 
write me if you would like to hire her for the same low fee: 0.055 eur per word]


Salvatore Novello
-freelance translator-
phone nr. +39 339 1081202
fax nr. +39 (0)2 700 540 142
visit my website http://www.salvatorenovello.it/ 
VAT id: it 04027300872

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