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[Web-trans] A Website for Trainers, Consultants, Speakers and more

From: TrainingConsortium.net
Subject: [Web-trans] A Website for Trainers, Consultants, Speakers and more
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 15:02:22 -0500


Find Trainers, Consultants, Speakers, their Organizations and Suppliers

Based upon our research you match our areas of expertise or industry.

100%  F R E E  Listing (Database and Biography):
Optional: Include your URL, Logo and/or Picture in our registration sections for an additional à la carte fee.

The foundation for the site exists in its extensive relational database listings along with its 1000 word biography. TrainingConsortium provides a detailed registration process for all trainers, consultants, speakers, and vendors. This process includes valuable information such as industry experience, area of expertise, geography, primary target audience, and more. Users, in turn, search for trainers, consultants, speakers, organizations, and suppliers  and vendors/companies who match their needs and specific criteria.

"The site allows searchers to choose and locate registrants in over 235 areas of expertise and 116 industries," says its founder. "Our website is a huge search engine that invites decision makers, administrators, human resource professionals to find resources to meet their needs."

There are no commissions or brokerage fees for revenues you generate through TrainingConsortium.

Please forward this e-mail to: trainers, consultants, speakers, vendors/companies and colleagues.

e-mail: address@hidden

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