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[Web-trans] Electronic Bailiffs Warrant

From: James Krane @ Repo-Link Inc.
Subject: [Web-trans] Electronic Bailiffs Warrant
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 00:52:40 -0800


Repo-Link Inc.

    • Linking creditors, bailiffs and great ideas.

Creditors and Bailiffs.

Repo-Link introduces eWarrant, an online repossession warrant for creditors and bailiffs. Although eWarrant can be a private communication tool between a creditor and a bailiff, both will have access to the largest online network with consents covering all of North America.

Auto aLert messaging, direct document attachments, note and journal entries, time/date stamping, storage/archiving and a free (address@hidden) web-mail account are just some of the money saving advantages.

  • eWarrant is web-based:
    1. No special computer hardware required.
    2. No software to install.
    3. No bug fixes or upgrades to download.
    4. Bandwidth sensitive.
    5. 1x friendly, no need for an expensive super fast internet connection.
    6. Free (online) support.
    7. Free web-mail account.

Screens Shots (visit www.repo-link.com)

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For more information, please call: James Krane at: 905-301-9805 or eMail: address@hidden


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