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[Web-trans] Catalog ready for Nov 14th CatBecca.com Auction + announceme

From: Catbecca.com
Subject: [Web-trans] Catalog ready for Nov 14th CatBecca.com Auction + announcements
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 01:37:46 -0500

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Our website = http://www.catbecca.com
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This Sundays auction features many fine antiques and collectibles. We featuring 
many fabulous prints, along with many gorgeous glass and porcelain pieces. Some 
FRAGMENT FORM OF A MONKEY AD 700, just to name a few of the fantastic pieces 
that we are auctioning this Sunday. We also have a many outstanding pieces of 
Limoges, Fenton, Art Glass, Pottery, and fine porcelain. We look forward to 
seeing you this Sunday for another fabulous auction.

CB Technologies (software division of CatBecca.com) is bringing to market a new 
version of software which should carve a new pathway for e-commerce.  We have 
$500K raised privately and need another $250K before we can place a greenlight 
on the project (estimated $750K to bring to market).  Since this is 
groundfloor, only accredited individuals / professional groups can get involved 
-- sorry.  If you have an interest, you will need to contact us by phone at 
260-418-6576.  Signed ND documents will be required,  no general information 
will be sent out.  Public announcements will begin on this project in the first 
quarter of 2005.  Sorry to be cryptic,  but we want to keep the lid on 
pandora's box for now.

CatBecca.com Auctions

Sign up for catalogs / CD slide show NOW at address@hidden before we start to 
charge for it.  Catalog will be ready in December 2004.  Make sure you look for 
our article on this estate in AntiqueWeek National Section Dec 13th!

Coming in March 2005 - request catalog at address@hidden before we charge for 

We are proud to offer up for auction, the estate of
Florence (Fu) Eleanor Ueltzen.

In the year 1900, amidst the smoke and flames of the Boxer Rebellion, the 
terror and trials of life, a fragment of beauty, so rare and so exquisite in 
form, emerged like that of a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes?c 

Several bulks of Chinese silver bullion, equivalent to the size of a small 
dining table, were discovered by the American military. While heavily guarded 
at the Tientsin Imperial Mint, luminaries such as China?fs Grand Duke,Li 
Hongzhang, and members of the late Imperial family, Qing dynasty, came to a 
decision that would both honor and behold their western redeemers for many 
years to come, and to set forth a story of such History and Honor; a large 
?gbowl?h crafted entirely of that Sterling, and a number of commemorative sets 
of tea services to be fashioned by the renowned studio of Arthur and Bond, of 
Yokohama, Japan.  

Thus, as History beholds, the items were created, but for members of society of 
discerning stature: The Liscum Bowl and coordinating ?gcups?h, an additional 
Tea Service, & The William Boyce Thompson Tea Service. 

William Boyce Thompson, a pillar of stature in his own right, twice a delegate 
to the Republican National Convention (1916, 1920); Director of the Federal 
Reserve Bank of New York, (1914-1919); also noted philanthropist and financier 
of mining interests in Montana, Nevada and Arizona; benefactor of the William 
Boyce Institute and Arboretum, came to commission one of these immaculate tea 

On behalf of Catbecca.com Auctions, it is our esteemed pleasure to present to 
the World Wide Community, The William Boyce Thompson Tea Service, of Liscum 
Bowl Provenance, of circa 1906.

Furthermore, such items of great historical and Imperial Qing and Dynasty, 
Catbecca.com Auctions, http://www.catbecca.com, cordially extends an invitation 
for your attendance as we honor the craftsman, the dignitary, the genius, and 
the estate of Florence ?gFu?h Eleanor Ueltzen. 

Comprising of over 500 individual lots, many highly regarded 19th and 20th 
century studios are well represented within this offering. 

Items and works of Art so rare and so perfect in form: signed Tiffany Furnaces 
and Studios of New York, Favrille glass vases; Studios of Yokohama, Japan; 
authenticated Arthur and Bond, Sterling Silver items; priceless original 
designs by master jeweler Dolph Ueltzen, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (brother 
of Florence); rare examples of carved and molded Celadon, Soapstone, and White 
Jade, a lot of museum quality art-research books, Early American Folk Art of 
the 19th Century including Portraits, 

Followed by superb dining sets, decorative items including period Netsuke, an 
amazing collection of antiquated and sought after Snuff Bottles, early 20th 
Century rosewood display cases, rare examples of Imperial Porcelain, Green 
Jade, White Celadon, Green Celadon, Textiles, Chop Marks and imprints; items of 
curatorial, cultural and historical aspects; items in relation to the Madame 
Chiang Kai-Shek generation; items of astounding interest to Philadelphia, 
Pennslyvania, and New York History; Chinese and Japanese Export Furnishings of 
the first quarter of the 20th Century, and most times, earlier; items of 
Imperial Chinese Ancestry:

Empress Dowager Cixi, Empress Xiaoqin Xian, 
?F?????U?[?C?N???????????????????????z?V???????c?@ ; 

Xuantong Emperor, Aisin-Gioro Puyi, ?????c??, ????, ????.

An entire private collection, assembled over several decades by a trained eye, 
and never before viewed under public scrutiny, each lot represents a collection 
of a lone survivor of the era that lives inside the covers of history and 
storybooks, Catbecca.com Auctions is pleased to provide the setting for this 
truly amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Of astounding provenance and historical importance, this collective of items 
features pieces that have literally survived the test of time. It should be 
noted, that through the vision of Florence ?gFu?h Eleanor Ueltzen, many of 
these items escaped the calamity of the Cultural Revolution, and the subsequent 
elimination of many historical artifacts.

- an event you must not miss !

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