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[Web-trans] Translation Coordination Status

From: Praveen Kamat
Subject: [Web-trans] Translation Coordination Status
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 11:52:10 -0800 (PST)

Hi Everyone,

Rather than reply to each of your emails separately, I
have opted to consolidate my response to provide an
overall picture and framework for the functioning of
the team and to start tackling the outstanding and
future tasks. The four of us are all new at taking on
the role of translation coordinators. With both the
veteran translation coordinators, Masayuki and Ofer,
stepping down it has been a slow process to piece
together how things are done and what needs to be
Unfortunately, I have not found a manual or a set of
guidelines that explains how to proceed with
translation coordination as each of us comes on board.
Please feel free to jump in and start tackling any of
the tasks but cc web-trans in all your emails so that
all of us are plugged in and do not step on each
others toes.

 1.Maintain guidelines for translations
and relevant web pages and keep current the contact
list/info for the translation team leads. I have
updated the translations underway section based on the
responses I received so far. I will forward it to Alex
for review and publishing.

 2.Maintain record of translation teams
(a)keep records of names, email addresses, and phone
numbers of the members and leaders of the teams. I
have compiled a spreadsheet from the info gathered
from the translation team leads a month ago. Since
this is not going to be made public I am going to
solicit inputs from the webmaster on how we should
maintain it on the web for internal/RMS access.

 3.Respond to emails requesting info, offering to help
with translations, ...
(a)Melissa Linkert, 9/8/04, volunteering for German
(b)Miguel Andrade, <address@hidden>, 9/12/04,
GPL portuguese translation
(c)Nedeljko, address@hidden, 9/16/04,
corrections/suggestions on the Serbian translations
(d)Dr.Hayati TASTAN, address@hidden, 9/18/04,
corrections/suggestions on the Turkish translations
(Luis Francisco Araujo 10/6/04 email to
<address@hidden> wanting to know if this
has been addressed RT ticket #210428)
(e)Miguel Andrade, <address@hidden>, 9/12/04,
wants to know if web-trans list is alive
(f)Caterina Robert" <address@hidden>,
9/24/04, volunteering for French translation
(g)ntr <address@hidden> , 10/21/04,
Brazialian Portuguese of GFDL

 4.Review /Publish translated pages for languages that
do not have teams (at a minimum review the page
layout, links and for compliance with the translation
guidelines. preferable to find someone like a 
users group or a webmaster who may know the language
for a shallow observation of the translation quality)
(a)Kaveh Ranjbar, 8/14/04, 8/24/04, 9/11/04, GPL Farsi
(Persian) translation (Ofer response on 9/18/04, Ofer
confirmed link 10/2/04, Need to respond to Justin
Pence to close ticket #210236, Mark Par
<address@hidden> 10/11/04 RT ticket #210237 which
states that this is still outstanding)
(b)Iman Hosseinzadeh, <address@hidden>,
9/21/04, Farsi translation of free software definition
(c)John Sullivan <address@hidden>, 10/14/04, Mainland
Portuguese translation (need to respond)

 5.Setup new translation teams (Steps as outlined by
Alex in his email of 11/07/04 is a good start)
(a)Gerrit Rensink, 9/11/04, Dutch translation (Ofer
response on 9/18/04, Need follow-up)
(b)Igrar Huseynov, address@hidden, 10/2/04, Azeri
translation (Ofer response on 10/8/04, Need to
(c)Evgeniy Sudyr, <address@hidden>, 9/17/04,
Ukrainian translation (Ofer response on 10/8/04, Luis
Francisco Araujo RT ticket #212400)
(d)Tetyana V. Bogdan <address@hidden>, 10/17/04,
Ukrainian translation (Praveen response on 10/18/04 to
team up with Evgeniy Sudyr)
(e)Olli Jarva <address@hidden>, 10/18/04, Finnish

 6.Organize the translation coordination team
(a)Team Members
 i.Praveen Kamat,  9/04
 ii.Dwayne Dever,  9/04
 iii.Leandro Dutra (Brazialian Portuguese), 9/04
 iv.Andrey Suprun (Ukrainian, Russian), 10/6/04 – Need
to verify.
 v.Alex Muntada (Catalan), 11/05/04
(b)Who administers the mailing lists? Need admin
access to the web-trans list
(c)Need to have sysadmin curb and filter spam from
web-trans list
(d)Need access to the RT system (Need to respond to
Ofer's email 10/4/04)
(e)Need at least two active members of the team to be
assigned admin privileges for trans-coord project in
(f)Create a guidelines web page for new translation
coordinators. I am hoping that what I have got started
here could serve to create a web page 

 7.Audit translation status
(a)Take an inventory of what has been translated and
generate a prioritized list of what needs to be
translated. I expect that this may be a useful
exercise for languages with no translation teams as

 8.Promote new language translations

I hope this is useful to level set all of us and to
start tackling outstanding tasks.
Until we come up with a better system to manage the
translation coordination tasks through our savannah
project and other tools, I  can continue to maintain
this task list so we have an overall picture on the
status of our tasks. I am hoping we can make a web
page of this and post it on our trans-coord project in
savannah so it is easily visible to the team at all
times. I am probably the least experienced from
amongst the four of us with managing and mantaining
websites so I am relying on you to help shape our
discourse on how we should forge ahead.

GNU/FSF Translation Coordinator

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